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Steven Edlich’s Greenwich Village Studio in 1970

From a very early age, art and design have influenced my life in the most impactful way, personally and professionally. I grew up in Roanoke, Virginia and frequently traveled to New York City to visit my relatives.

My grandfather, Dr. Theodore J. Edlich Jr, was a prominent New York City Physician whose practice was located at No. 2 Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village a block down from the famous arch in Washington Square Park. Among his many patients were artists such as Willem de Kooning, Elaine de Kooning, and Franz Kline, stage and screen personality Robert De Niro and dancers trained at the Julliard School of Music. My grandfather was a patron of local artist Kline commissioning fifty paintings long before he was famous.

My grandfather’s life was deeply enriched by the world of art and he became a benefactor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Whitney Museum of American Art. On my frequent visits we spent most of our time together exploring galleries, attending art openings and going to The MET. My grandfather and uncle Steve were both avid art collectors. Their appreciation and dedication to their passion became their job, covered almost every inch of their homes, something they truly lived and breathed.

Steven Edlich

I remember visiting my uncle’s art studio, which was fashioned from a renovated warehouse on Broadway across from Cooper Union well before this became a trend and popular cultural addition to city living. Though it was a walk-up without a functioning elevator, his studio ceilings were high, and the windows were expansive, allowing light to cascade through the room and dance off his six-foot modern collages with their four-inch massive gold frames. His tall artwork hung framed from the floor to the ceiling.

My grandfather and Uncle Steve had a talent for using art to bring beauty and excitement to everyday life. As I developed my own business of design, I wanted a name that reminded me of my early experience of being thrilled with the power and beauty of art that transformed one’s personal experience.

I have built my business over the past twenty years to bring my clients the same power and beauty through design, transforming space, and human experience. The name Metropolitan Studio® is a brand growing out of my own lived history and sets a standard that I seek to emulate as I work with my partners and clients.

Our office in Baltimore, Maryland

Our Mission

Our mission is to create dream spaces to enrich lives and elevate lifestyle.

What We Do and Our Passion

  • We create dream spaces to enrich lives and elevate lifestyle.
  • We use our Visionary Blueprint: A Pathway to Design Brilliance to create a one of a kind branded environments.
  • We create 3D imagery including the latest AI and photo reaslitc renderings to communicate the design ideas and solutions.
  • We curate FF&E packages, procure domestically and internationally.

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