Our team has not only been impressed with Connie throughout the entire process of design and budgeting, but also through her communication with the owners and architects.
We have full confidence in her ability to design within a budget and deliver an outstanding product.
She brings a fresh approach to senior living design to make communities feel how the owners intend them to feel and fit in with their company culture.

Brad Miles – AIM Development – for Western States Lodging

Connie approached me about booth seating and tables for three different dining areas at Summit Vista. We reviewed different style booths, and she selected three to consider for this project.

We developed a typical booth based upon her specifications, and she personally flew to St. Louis to see the prototype and tour the factory. Her first thought was the seat height needed to be adjusted for the comfort of her senior clientele and we made the changes based upon her recommendations.

Although she has led many senior living projects, she never assumed one client was like the next. She is thorough, precise, and will take whatever time is required to deliver an excellent project.

Kim Thompson – Manufacturer Rep

Connie is both collaborative and strategic. From the beginning, she seeks to understand the purpose, the environment, the brand, and the philosophy before she even starts designing. Although she has deep expertise in Senior Living, she also brings her experience in commercial, retail, and hospitality to design best-of-breed environments.

Connie has developed great relationships with manufacturers and distributors, and she leverages those throughout the design, sourcing, and installation processes. She leveraged the relationships to secure preferential pricing. And she oversaw the entire installation process from carpet to furniture, to artwork.

She works collaboratively and iteratively, bringing many ideas to the table, listening to clients, making recommendations, and refining the design. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop from concept design to installation to create a unique, customized, thoughtful, functional interior environment, there is no one better than Connie.

Mark Erickson – CEO Summit Vista Life Care Community Senior Living

I have worked with Connie on assisted living, commercial, hospitality, retail, and education segment spaces. From the beginning, schematic phase of the project, Connie seeks to understand the client’s needs and philosophy for the environment, and how her design can help grow and improve the client’s brand.

Connie leverages her great relationships with multiple sources to help make the team she assembles for her client’s projects even more successful.

She takes the time to work collaboratively with every trade to bring ideas to the space not just for high quality design, but also to improve the installation. She is willing to mediate issues during the installation should they arise. From start to finish of the process Connie is concerned that the client gets what they are paying for.

Barry Ryskamp – Director of Sales, Interface Services

Summit Vista is an excellent example. She designed a custom chair based on the client’ aesthetic preferences that also incorporated a variety of functional requirements specific to the seniors using the product. Additionally, it had to meet a specific price point to be a viable solution. Her product development experience coupled with the feasibility considerations resulted in a perfectly executed solution.

On most projects, we find the designer can’t bridge the gap between what they want and what the client needs (or can afford). It is rare to find someone that has the vision as well as the business sense to pull the various stakeholders together to get a project done.

In addition to the dining chairs, we collaborated on a variety of other products that were used throughout the site. A combination of standard, revised and custom products. Each with different lead times (not to mention sheer variety of upholstery coverings with their own lead times).

With Connie’s oversight, we were able to produce over $1M of product and ship directly to the site (Baltimore to Salt Lake City). At least 9 tractor trailers (and that was just our product).

Kevin Pitts- Furniture Manufacturer

Connie’s professionalism and capabilities have continuously exceeded expectations. From start to finish, the process is seamless with Connie. She has consistently shown the willingness and capabilities that are necessary to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Her knowledge, punctuality, determination, readiness, organization, and overall excellent work ethic are apparent in the projects that she is tasked with. The integrity, and respectfulness that Connie offers to both clients, and other workers on the jobsite is very noteworthy as well.

Chris Kulow- Art Installer

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