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Metropolitan Studio® specializes in creating signature spaces for organizations through creative problem solving, collaboration with clients, and state-of-the-art technology. We use the proprietary ten-step design process to outline the goals during visionary sessions and conceptual design stages.


Visionary Session

A Visionary Session is an intensive, team-based strategy session for those who want to move their organization or enterprises forward. We will look at the current state-of-affairs and help you determine your vision and goals. Then, we work together to identify opportunities and create strategies to capitalize on them using the physical space. Read More

Design Services

The design services are implemented throughout various phases of brainstorming and conceptualization, followed by digital drawings and specifications. The final portion involves the tangibility of product designing, installation, and implementation. The schematic design, design development, construction administration, etc., are all involved. Read More


We can produce digital renderings, and AI to communicate design ideas to our clients. Renderings are effective for design communication, marketing & promotion, decision making, and help to raise funds for projects. Read More

Purchasing & Procurement

Sutton & Co is a separate sister company utilized by Metropolitan Studio®, specializing in product design, purchasing, procurement, and installation services. We have valued, long-lasting relations with vendors, manufacturers, and product designers. We can customize packages for clients based on the type of project, requirements, functionality, and project size. Read More

Color Consulting

Color can influence decision-making, persuasiveness, productivity, and efficiency. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful tools we have for processing our environments and evoking specific emotions. We present architectural teams, developers, and owners with design materials and color schemes. Color sells, and the right color sells faster. Read More

Environmental Graphics, Art And Signage

Environmental graphics, also known as environmental signage, are a type of visual communication designed to influence people’s behavior in an environment and can be a highly effective tool for your brand or company. Signage complements a space to improve wayfinding, evoke feelings, and is enhanced by art and graphics in the area. Read More

Senior Living Workshops For Newcomers

For newcomers to the industry, we highlight the different components of building connections, a community and take you through all the stages of a project. This process includes visionary conceptual ideas, codes, demographics, marketing, proforma, investors, site selection, permitting, architectural design, interior design, branding, and storytelling. Read More

Speaking Engagements

Connie is a sought-after speaker on senior living and branding. She speaks about the process of turning visual ideas into physical spaces, storytelling, and the importance of creating dream spaces. In addition, she follows the market trends for everything related to the design of the interiors for senior living communities. Read More

Advisory Boards

Connie Wittich is a solutions-focused Entrepreneur, Senior Executive, Advisor, and Innovator with more than 25 years of interior design success. Her broad areas of expertise include leadership, problem-solving, business culture improvement & productivity, business development, marketing, purchasing, procurement, and business transformation. Read More

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