Royal Venya Resort, Indonesia

The Royal Venya Resort is situated in a lush mountainous region nestled in the forest overlooking the river. The resort resides on steep terrain presenting stunning views of the rice patty fields and Bali’s natural beauty. The resort’s layout is designed to provide serenity and connectivity to the surrounding landscape and provide guests with the ultimate relaxing and restorative experience. The Royal Venya Resort will offer a selection of charming units with a private pool, restaurants with Balinese cuisine and other various dining options, a quaint coffee shop, and an expansive spa adjacent to the river. The units exhibit a Balinese flair leaning towards more traditional textures of wood combined with a classic twist of natural stone and materials native to Indonesia.

Balinese culture is closely interrelated to Balinese Hinduism, the sacredness of ceremonies, prosperity related to the deities, the intersection between heaven and earth, and the crossing of traditional and modern practices. Guests will experience the flourishing green rice patties, the vibrancy of the local clothing and food, the liveliness of dancing, music, and artisanship at the Royal Venya Resort.

Architect: InPlace Design
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Size: 14,500 sq. ft.

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