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Sutton & Co was founded by Connie Wittich, CEO of Metropolitan Studio. With her expertise in product design and vast international connections, she leads Sutton & Co’s delivery and curation of luxury design while staying cost effective. Our team works directly with product designers and program manufactures worldwide to produce and purchase specific design visions.  

For each project, we carefully analyze the FF&E functionality, design requirements and map out the process in its entirety. We have extensive relationships with manufacturers and vendors, which allow our unique design to be within budget and come to fruition promptly.  

Our Purchasing Process

  1. Make selections for furniture, fabric, finishes, art, window treatments, carpet, accessories, and decorative lighting to make sure the colors are coordinated with the building finishes and get feedback along with the owner’s approval.  
  2. Bid to manufacturers  
  3. Review bids with the client  
  4. Sign purchase orders and deposits  
  5. We cut out the middle company. Go direct. Our relationships with factories around the world run deep. We are consistently striking new strategies with vendors. Price depends on location in the country and the intracity of assembling the product.  
  6. We get competitive pricing on installation services. Price depends on location in the country and the intracity of assembling the product.  
  7. We have fantastic art installers that are excellent to work with as team members  
  8. Tax depends on the location 
  9. Shipping depends on the manufacturer and location in the US and abroad  
  10. Storage is priced by the cubic foot. We try to have as much product shipping to the building as possible. We can also store containers on site.  

Selection, Purchasing, Packaging & Installation  

We can source all products from existing manufacturers or facilitate bringing a design to life through a product designer and then manufacture the piece. We can apply these principles to multiple facets, whether through the flooring, carpeting, tiling, paint color, furniture, lighting, and décor accents ranging from massive artwork to smaller décor pieces.  

We also adapt our guidance, counseling and advice to our clients depending on the project’s specifications and necessities. In addition, we can source team members for the installation, the custom designing or place wholesale order for art, furniture, etc., delivering our clients their exact requests and within their price point range.  

Our clients come from across the globe. Although the project is across the world in Asia, North America, South America, wherever it may be, we can help you with your business no matter the geographical location.  

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