From the Outside In

A design approach grounded by natural landscapes allows Metropolitan Studio® to create stunning, imaginative interiors.

From resorts to restaurants, senior living, and residential spaces, Connie Wittich, founder and CEO of Metropolitan Studio®, designs it all. And with creations spanning from Santa Rosa, California, to China, her journeyed portfolio chronicles the narratives of the spaces she’s created.

“We observe textures and colors in the surrounding environment and consider the heritage, culture, and history of local communities,” says Wittich. “I bring the outside world into interiors and build a story from there.”

Influenced by a familial tether to art, and inspired by great artists such as Franz Kline, Wittich’s education combined business and design, leading to the creation of Metropolitan Studio® in 1997. Approaching each project with innovative problem-solving, she considers the impact of every detail.

For Legacy Village of St. George, a senior living facility, she incorporated vibrant colors, welcoming patterns, and modern artwork for an intimate feel. “I brought the hospitality experience into the wellness arena,” says Wittich. “Design is more than creating a beautiful space. It’s about creating a dream lifestyle and becoming your everyday reality.”

Her design process reflects this ethos, each project grounded in her 10-step design process that considers authentic living, connectivity, and the energy of a space. Fueled by a desire to help clients overcome obstacles through custom solutions, her favorite part of her career is seeing the positive influence of experiential design for her clients’ businesses.

“My clients have shaped my passion for design. Seeing a project through from the beginning to the end is a process like no other,” says Wittich. “Shaping someone’s life and impacting their environment is why I love to do what I do.”

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